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Qingdao Jia Qi plastic products Co., Ltd is the production of plastic products, processing, import and export enterprises, in order to keep the company's reputation and customer service service image, the company strengthen the quality and technology management, and continuously improve product quality and customer service products to further improve the service work, therefore, the service commitment is formulated, please the majority of users supervision and suggestions.


一、 Product quality commitment

1. Have done the quality of the productQSCertificate and product inspection report

2. Our products have quality problems baotuibaohuan;

3. The products all have the inspection single - line system.

4. The establishment of professional pre sales and after-sales service, at any time to provide professional technical consultation and professional after-sale guarantee for customers.

5. In the process of product production, the principle of meeting the customer's needs is the principle of meeting the customer's needs.


二、 Delivery promise

1. In strict accordance with the stipulations of the contract, the time of delivery is performed to ensure that the customer is used as scheduled.

2. In strict accordance with the stipulations of the contract, the place of delivery and the way of delivery are designated to ensure the safety of the goods.

3. No matter the size of the order, our company promises to guarantee the quality and quantity to complete the supply task.


三、 After-sales service commitment

1. Ensure product quality to meet customer requirements, establish customer files, and regularly carry out product quality tracking service.

2. We should establish and improve the pre-sale, sale and after-sales service network, and implement localized services to solve the problems that customers encounter when they are in use and other problems.

3. 24Hourly response to customer requirements


四、 Hotline

1.Qingdao Keqi plastic products Co., Ltd. opened service hotline0532-88201335,Solve all kinds of difficult problems for customers seven days a week.General manager:Mr SunTel:13808977507。